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riffMACHINE.com Services: Location and Studio Photography, Pro Audio / Video Production for the Web, SDTV HDTV or 1080P,  Using Red, Canon and Sony Cine Alta Camera Systems with 35mm Depth of Field Adapters we achieve a Cinema Camera Look.  Our video production camera captures 1920x1080 pixels (7 times as many pixels as a normal DVD's you rent)  @ 24 fps (same as 35mm film) with a cine gamma (color reproduction - also similar to 35mm film) and uses 35mm camera lenses for controlled shallow depth of field - completing the trinity of "Film Look".  Get the look and feel of a 35mm film production with the flexibility and spontaneous creativity of digital cinematography.  Specializing in: Music Videos, Medical Services, Medical Equipment, Healthcare, Resort, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Defense Services, Food and Restaurants, Retail Electronics, Gaming and Casinos, Events, Documentaries, Sports, Automobile Racing, Motorcycle Racing, and Corporate.  We can provide Photo Stylists, Models / Make-Up / Hair, Location Scouting, Set Design / Construction,  With still Photography we do VR Panoramas / Object Movies, Expert Post Production, Large Format Prints / Banners, Ultra Hi-Res Vibrant-Color 12 color printing process, Photo Watercolors™, Photo Books, Flip Book, 3D Lenticular Prints.   We also do Color Calibration and Consulting for your Monitor(s), Printer(s), Projector(s), Scanner(s) and Camera(s).  riffMACHINE.com can help you with  Digital Asset Management and Archiving.  We been shooting using  Digital Cameras Professionally since 1992.  Michael White Photographer Formerly with Digital Design Studio in Austin  Michael White Photography San Antonio, and riffMACHINE.com and mfwphoto,com and Michael White Photography New Braunfels, Texas.  78130. Austin, TX   Dallas, TX  San Antonio  (210) 771-9071   Here’s a photo of the GoScRUB™ Kit.  Here’s the GoScRUB PanHere’s the GoScRUB Pot

A TV Spot for CW Floorshttp://www.mfwphoto.com/